Paradise Eternal

| December 13, 2015


Paradise Eternal

Waking in a new existence, Victor is experiencing life after life. But it isn’t what he expected. In a place of perfected people, the world he left behind still exists suffering evil. With a new set of wings in a fascinating dimension his life takes on a different meaning. While waiting to see his Savior he is met by people he has never known, and taken on a journey through the new realm. Finding he now plays a role in God’s service above, a beautiful place awaits him, and he has an experience he will never forget.

From the Author:

We all have preconceived ideas about waking in Heaven. Many have visions of babies with wings playing harps while we all float around on vast clouds, arrayed under baby blue skies, sunbathing. If one could imagine arriving in Heaven would it be what they dreamed of? Or are the possibilities more grand than one would suspect? This, is what I expect.


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