Practical Business Coaching For The Self-Employed: Stop Struggling. Start Growing.

| December 13, 2015


Practical Business Coaching For The Self-Employed: Stop Struggling. Start Growing.

Business Coaching Book for the self-employed in 2015

Stop Struggling. Start Growing personally, professionally & commercially in the year ahead.

Struggling to:

•…clarify where you are in your life or business today?
•…identify what it is you really want to be, do or have?
•…identify why you haven’t achieved your goals & objectives?
•…create a practical plan of action to take you to where you want to be?

>>>If you answered YES, then you owe it yourself to download this book to stop
struggling, and start growing personally, professionally and commercially today.

The author imparts practical business coaching from his own life and business experiences to help
you to develop key skills and change your attitude towards yourself, others, what you offer the world
and how you can create the life and lifestyle you want.

What would you do if you woke up in hospital having been shot, suffering from trauma, unable to
speak and your life and career plans in turmoil? How would you prepare yourself for the situations
and circumstances ahead of you?

This practical business coaching book by Fraser Hay shares some of the issues, challenges and obstacles
that he’s overcome to achieve his personal, professional and commercial goals and objectives.

Stop Struggling. Start Growing is a Practical Business Coaching Book Containing:

  • Answer to questions like… “Where am I in my life?” and “what do I want?”
  • Gain clarity, focus and direction in your life and business
  • Apply simple, powerful and proven concepts to create positive, permanent change
  • Discover 4 powerful stepsfor getting back on track every time life throws something at you
  • 6 forgotten principles to apply in a modern world to lead a more fulfilling life
  • Why 92% of what you worry about is unfounded and how to manage the other 8%
  • How to manage the 2 most powerful forces in the universe to get what you want
  • Discover 5 common definitions of “success” and the one that really matters
  • Apply a powerful 4 letter formula to all areas of your life
  • If all choices have consequences, discover how to make the best choices
  • 5 simple, profound ways to add meaning in your life
  • 50+ specific goals that the author personally achieved on one social network
  • 15 ways to recharge your mental batteries
  • The negative aspect of positive thinking and how to avoid it
  • 10 Ways to develop your offline & online social skills to get what you want
  • Over 15 ways to prove to yourself that you’re making progress daily implementing the contents of the book

This Business Coaching Book’s Content Gets Results When You Apply It

Whether it’s to find clarity in your life or business, create positive change, find the motivation to meet
your commercial goals or simply to find that spark to ignite your ambitions, this unique real-world,
practical business coaching guide can and will help you to identify, pursue and achieve your goals.

(whatever you choose to be, do or have)

However, Knowledge on its own is not enough. Knowledge is NOT power, but applied knowledge is.

It’s time to reclaim your personal power today, and start applying yourself to make 2015 your best year – yet.

Learn to take control, shape your destiny and achieve the results you choose to manifest in your life.

Download this practical business coaching book to start living the life & lifestyle you want.

Act Now. Scroll up & Click the ‘BUY’ button NOW.


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