Forgotten History: A Collection Of History Events That Have Been Forgotten

| December 14, 2015


Forgotten History: A collection of history events that have been forgotten (History, collection)

Forgotten History

This book has comprehensive information about phenomenal historical events that have somehow been forgotten.

A lot happens every passing day. The interesting thing about us is that we somehow place different ranks on what remains in our hearts and minds in the years to come and what we forget after several weeks, months or even years. In particular, different events have shaped humanity in different ways. And while it is hard to tell why we tend to remember some events or occurrences more than others, the thing with history is that with it, you never quite know what it will choose to keep alive in the hearts of men and what will be forgotten such that it is remembered by only a few.

Some events, people and movements are so big in their time that it seems impossible that they will ever be forgotten. Yet several decades later, it seems no one remembers they even happened. Perhaps, the people simply outgrew them and established bigger things in their place. Sometimes, parallel events happened at the same time these events, movements, wars, or people were in full swing and thus they did not go down in history, as they should have.

Regardless of the situation, some of these historical events are truly remarkable stories. Actually, if you were to go through them, it may boggle your mind that they are not spoken of more often than they are.

If you are looking for a glimpse of history that you never quite often see in news stories and history books, this book will help you discover some of the occurrences that have taken place in the past that have shaped humanity in one way or the other.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Cahokia: America’s Own Forgotten Rome
  • Sultana: The Forgotten Disaster That No One Talks About
  • Ziryab: The Slave Boy Whom Society Owes Almost Too Much
  • Peshtigo: The Forgotten Inferno In The Forest So Fierce It Generated Its Own Tornado
  • Gil Eanes: The Man That Made It Possible For The Portuguese Golden Exploration Age
  • Joseph Warren: The True Architect & Father Of The Revolution
  • America’s First Subway: The Secret Subway Of New York
  • House Of Wisdom: The Epic Library That Was Lost To Time
  • Much, much


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