Eon Templar (The Future Templar Book 2)

| December 14, 2015


Eon Templar (The Future Templar Book 2)

The exciting sequel to Epoch Templar. A warrior from the past is transported to a nightmarish future where every decision is monitored by a computer and only the rich can afford to be safe. But is the Templar there to save the world or rule it?

Imagine a future where every decision is analyzed by a computer, where the dark night is full of fear, normal citizens huddle behind locked doors and the special police forces are little more than hired bodyguards.

Max Darwin lives in that world but longs for a simpler time. He builds a wormhole in time to retrieve a Templar Knight, a member of an order re-founded in the late 2100’s, to protect villages. Darwin thinks the bleak future needs an infusion of the warrior’s values. But the Templar is a barbarian, a soldier trained beyond Darwin’s imagination, a killing machine.

Brought into a world he doesn’t understand, the Templar fights through the Mob, a throbbing mass of humanity that terrorizes the night. He’s taken prisoner by the Troops, the elite police force and sentenced to a public death by the Central Terminal, the processing unit that controls the city.

A sympathetic Trooper, Robe helps set the Templar free with the aid of Dr. Darwin. They escape to a small series of islands off the coast, but are shot down by pirates that claim the area as sanctuary. The Templar fights to take over the leadership of the pirates, but has to contend with the leader’s daughter, a woman as tough as he is.

The Troops stage a raid on the island to reclaim Robe and bring him back for punishment. The Templar is torn between the safety of the islands and his new found friendship with Robe.

He decides to mount a rescue. He journeys through the darkness, accompanied by Darwin and his assistant to save his friend. He has to fight the Mob, defeat the Troops and outwit their Commander to lead the small party back to the coast.

But will he be happy in the islands? This new world is strange, but full of possibilities. Can he convince the Mob to join him to overthrow the computer? Can he convince the Troops to ignore ideals and training to work with him? Can the Templar, despite his barbarism, bring change to the new world, as Darwin hoped?



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