Brave Bloody Brothers

| May 17, 2013


Brave Bloody Brothers

Three teenagers become blood brothers, after witnessing the unexpected…

Byron, Margaret River High School’s heartthrob, has a secret that will shatter his world if found out – and Chuck knows it all too well.

Raff, outcast and loner, is desperate to make new friends. Does he have what it takes to steal his dream girl’s heart? Or will his attempts crush his only chance to fit in?

Duke, resident bad boy surfer, is caught between loyal Nicole, and Summer, the mysterious foreign beauty who sets his heart on fire. Someone is bound to get burnt

A chill in the salty ocean breeze carries the scent of buried memories. There’s a secret hiding in Margaret River, behind prying eyes, behind the lust, love and thirst for freedom that haunts this quaint surfing town. Where no one can find it – until now…


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