The Bashful Vampire Murder & Comic Book Murders (Frank Callahan Mysteries)

| May 17, 2013


The Bashful Vampire Murder & Comic Book Murders (Frank Callahan Mysteries)

RE: A Frank Callahan Mystery Twofer

Double your pleasure, double your fun with a Frank Callahan Mystery Twofer. Frank Callahan is a gay LAPD detective who first appeared in the free-for-all mystery, The DVD Murders. He and his long-term friend and partner, Detective Barry Jennings, are back in two contemporary crime fiction stories that will keep you guessing all the way.

The Bashful Vampire Murder begins where most vampire tales end: in the apprehension of a vampire hunter right after he has driven a stake through his quarry’s heart. The defense attempts to prove that vampires exist and the homicide was justified. To Callahan’s horror, the trial ends in a hung jury. Only the resourcefulness and savvy of the tough cynical detective stand between justice and the killer being allowed to walk.

In the Comic Book Murders, the two flatfoots run the gamut of superhero and villain suspects, from Captain America and the Caped Crusader to the Joker and Firebug until outstanding police work and dogged persistence lead them to the unlikely killer. On the way, we get to visit a kinetic comic book convention, the backstreets of Hollywood, and a firebombing in Westwood on Halloween eve.


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