Calling Dr. Einstein (The Adventures of Mr. Tompkins)

| May 17, 2013


Calling Dr. Einstein (The Adventures of Mr. Tompkins)

In this wildly entertaining and informative comic book, our hero, Mr. Tompkins meets Albert Einstein and explores such mysteries as gravity and the speed of light. Here’s a chance to learn something and have fun while you’re at it.

“The Adventures of Mr. Tompkins” is based on the popular “Mr. Tompkins” book series by the legendary scientist and author, George Gamow. Gamow’ s breadth of knowledge was astounding. He originated the Big Bang theory of the Universe, did groundbreaking work on radioactivity and helped decipher the genetic code. Now, renowned inventor and scientist, R. Igor Gamow has teamed up with talented comic book illustrator, Scorpio Steele, to bring Mr. Tompkins to life in a comic book series.

Along with Isaac Asimov, Gamow is regarded as one of the greatest science popularizers of all time. He wrote books on how the atom works; radioactivity; electromagnetism; the nature of light; and how scientists understand space, time, and motion. However, he’s best known for his classic series of books featuring the lovable character, Mr. Tompkins.
“The idea of this comic book is brilliant. Daunting topics, such as the theory of relativity, nuclear fission, and radioactivity, are presented here in a form that speaks to and entertains a very general audience. The author even uses analogies that help readers relate to very abstract concepts”.
– Catherine Thureson, Clarion Book Reviews

“By his ingenuity and narrative skills, Gamow is able to transform the puzzling and obscure mysteries of physics into magical and enthralling stories. It was Mr. Tompkins who made the new physics vivid and real for me as a child and I am sure that he will continue to do the same for a great many others.”
– Roger Penrose, winner of the Albert Einstein Medal


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