Building The Life Of Jesus: 58 Printable Paper Craft Models From The Holy Land That Related To The Story Of Jesus For Children

| December 16, 2015


Building the life of Jesus: 58 printable paper craft models from the holy land that related to the story of Jesus for children (Building the world Book 1)

Children’s papercraft book.

This is the full version of the printable “Building the life of Jesus” book, and the first in the series of “Building the world”.

This book is the best and most fun way for learning and teaching children about Jesus, by making models of characters, churches and sites related to the journey of Jesus in the Holy Land.

Actually 58 different models easy to make, that you can print as much as you want, are included in the kit!

In fact you can print with your own home printer.

(You can find the link to the printable PDF version inside the e-book)

What is the “Building the life of Jesus” book?

The book includes creative models of sites in the holy land, characters, churches and more. On the end of the creative process the child experiences the journey of Jesus in a tangible way through the characters and locations that he created, cut, color and placed. The final result is beautiful and received in 3D.

The book includes 58 easy and printable models to make:

17 – characters – the characters can travel around the world that you built, and be placed in the appropriate locations.

33 – Churches and sites in the holy land.

8 – Animals and objects related to the life story of Jesus.

What else?

– Very simple instructions for assembling the models.

– A children’s map of the holy land in Jesus time, showing the general locations of the sites included in the kit.

– The story of Jesus for children.

– Pictures and drawings.

– Bonus for buyers.

To whom the book is intended?

Age – 5-12

Difficulty level – 1 (Very easy).

Can be use as:

– Fun activity for parents and children.

– Bible crafts for kids.

– Sunday school lessons – learning through play.

– Preschool workbook.

– Sunday school teacher gifts.


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