Jacy Jordan Philansa

| December 17, 2015


Jacy Jordan Philansa

A secret group of beings more powerful than any other, have been influencing and affecting civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy since the dawn of time. Chosen at birth by the Universe, they are known as Puresa.

Their powers to shape cultures and societies, individuals and planets have been profound but to yield such power they must remain firmly fixed in the realm of myth and fantasy. To be known is to be pursued and would ultimately put the entire Galaxy at risk.

Their anonymity is their greatest asset. To achieve this, they rely on their protectors and guardians, the Philansa; a unique group of beings selected from every corner of the Galaxy to safeguard and keep their secrets.

Many have come tantalizingly close to discovering the Puresa but for gifted teenager Jacy Jordan, their secret world is about to be uniquely thrust upon him. The discovery of a strange message will send Jacy on a quest across the Galaxy where the choices he makes will decide the fate, not only of the Puresa but of the Milky Way itself.

In his quest he will discover that it was not luck or chance that he was drawn to them, but the Will of the Universe.

“Read the first chapter and you will be hooked.”


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