Andy Brighton And The Dragons Of Wyrme Book Two: The Magic Of Dragons

| December 18, 2015


Andy Brighton and the Dragons of Wyrme book two The Magic of Dragons

Once upon an ancient spell, in the land that magic grew, where the dragons forever dwell, and their tales will oft ensue. In this second book of the trilogy we rejoin Andy Brighton and his friend Gratoly the dragon as they become accustomed to the creatures and locals of Wyrme and continue in their quest to seek out the dragon Elders and warn of the approaching invasion by the Icurnians. Although a dragon himself Gratoly soon learns he doesn’t fit in with others, a problem he’s had most of his life, while Andy discovers secrets that may dangerously affect the lives of all dragons on Wyrme, as well as drastically change his own destiny. And as hardships abound at every turn the Icurnians close in–seeking to find whatever life or other hidden treasures lay in wait for them on the planet.


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