The Sideman Songbook (A “Songbook” Short Story)

| December 20, 2015


The Sideman Songbook (A

“The time I burned my guitar it was like a sacrifice. You sacrifice the things you love.” Jimi Hendrix

A NEW Kindle Single. Includes “The Memory Songbook” bonus chapter.

For Luther Gooden, music was not a job. It was an all-consuming quest, a calling, a salvation.

Yet one day in 1971 the only thing this gifted African-American guitarist needed — badly —was a gig. A significant gig. His first paying gig as a sideman with a touring band. Following an audition in Boston, he felt close … very close …

His girlfriend, Karrine, also had a burning need. That morning she kissed Luther goodbye and wished him luck. Then she dressed well for a meeting with another man. She wasn’t sure what would happen. But by the time she left her rendezvous, she knew her life would change.

Music is easy compared to love.


(And then read “The Memory Songbook” where Luther makes a memorable appearance during Frank Gosnell’s poignant romp through The Summer of Love.)

“The Sideman Songbook” is intended for musicians, guitarists, songwriters, Babyboomers and YA readers who —

— love stories with strings attached.

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“Someone should remind us, regularly, that life is a song we sing.”

From “The Memory Songbook”


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