Psychology: A Delightful Journey Through the Human Mind

| December 22, 2015


Psychology: A Delightful Journey Through the Human Mind

Gain insights into the workings of the most intricate and intriguing object in existence, that is the human mind.

A compelling and informative read for anyone who wants to understand the basics of Psychology.

In this slim volume, the reader is to be introduced to the science of the mind. First, the book starts by defining what psychology is and how it came to be. The book then proceeds with identifying the different fields of psychology, how they were developed and evolved. Furthermore, the book provides some details as to the lives and works of history’s most prominent psychologists.

In this book, the reader is expected to find:

    • An introduction to the science of psychology and its evolution.


  • An introduction to Social Psychology, its history, definition and development.



  • An introduction to Cognitive Psychology, its definition, origin and uses.



  • An introduction to Behavioral Psychology, its definition, history and subsequent development.



  • The lives, ideas and works of two of history’s most prominent psychologists(Sigmund Freud and B.F. Skinner).


This book is guaranteed to give anyone the basic knowledge of psychology with its fun and informative approach.

Too much valuable information for the measly price of a single dollar. Grab your copy now


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