Chlorophyllium 9: An Introduction to The Chlorophyllium Collection

| December 25, 2015


Chlorophyllium 9: An Introduction to The Chlorophyllium Collection

Earth is dying.

The wealthy elite have abandoned the world, and only one hope remains. Chlorophyllium: a rare element found only on the remotest of planets at the far reaches of the universe. But time is running out.

When Dr. Greg Thompson, a civilian specialist aboard the vessel Final Hope, finds something unexpected in his ore samples from the distant world he’s been mining, a tiny thread begins to unwind. Things don’t add up and the military leadership aboard the ship is always watching. Things become complicated when the numbers reveal that most of the lifesaving ore they’ve retrieved hasn’t been headed toward Earth at all.

What starts out as a mission to save the world begins to shift. But when Julia, the woman he loves, is rifted to the distant planet’s surface to cover up the military plot, Greg must make a difficult choice.

How far would you go to save the one you love?

Will his efforts condemn them all, or will he be able to undo the injustice of the cover up and somehow save Julia from her fate on the distant planet?


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