1,001 Lightyears Entertainments

| December 18, 2015


1,001 Lightyears Entertainments

Thousands of years after humanity colonized other worlds, only seven of those have allied as the Galactic Commonwealth. These seven, self-styled, enlightened worlds set themselves apart from hundreds of so-called barbarian worlds. While the worlds of the Commonwealth have access to superior technology, its literature has become formulaic and tame. Much of the folklore told on the known barbarian worlds, and by the starfarers who travel between them, has roots in an ancient Earth literature, once known as the Arabian Nights Entertainments. A sampling of the coarse and unsophisticated, yet less predictable and bland, literature and folklore of the barbarian worlds is presented here as 1,001 Lightyears Entertainments.


In the Bag

Life Changing Encounters

A Girl of Gloune

The Dog’s Golden Dish

The Beauty with Incredible Feet

Hafwen’s Tale

The War of Men and Jinn

Hafwen Concludes her Tale

The Collector

Nouredan and Nesjella

Before the Cock Crows

The Bard Who Kept His Head

New Directions


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