Special Branch:In At The Kill

| December 23, 2015


Special Branch:In At The Kill

Based on the renowned British television series of the 1970s this is the story of a dangerous conflict of interests between the police and the intelligence services.

In the early hours of the morning, following an anonymous tip-off, Detective Chief Inspectors Craven and Haggerty ambush a boat landing on the south coast near Eastbourne. In the shoot-out that follows, several people are killed and the boat’s cargo is found to consist of automatic weapons, ammunition, mortar bombs and explosives.

Clearly a terrorist operation is being mounted but who or what is the target?

Craven and Haggerty’s investigation is hampered from the beginning by Strand, a senior MI5 officer, who orders them not to pursue a line of enquiry which they feel might lead them to the truth.

The climax comes with a terrifying race against time to locate the terrorists and save the life of the US President.

Although based on the characters in the TV series this book is a stand-alone novel and as such can be enjoyed in its own right without prior knowledge of the TV stories.

If you enjoy a good detective story, this is for you.

John Eyers is a pen name of Peter Hill who is the author of the successful Staunton and Wyndsor series, and the Commander Allan Dice books. These are all British police detective stories published worldwide by major publishing houses in the 1970s and now available as eBooks. Each book in these series is a stand-alone story, not an ongoing serial, but have the same major protagonists.

New books by Peter Hill, but in a different genre, are the near and far-future novels in the Evolution’s Path series, Killing Tomorrow, and The Ladies Game. He is currently working on the third book in this trilogy.


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