Italian Style: Tips for Beauty, Style, and Happiness

| December 23, 2015


Italian Style: Tips for Beauty, Style, and Happiness

A Celebration of Italy, Style, and Fabulous Women!

When you read Olivia Reed’s Italian Style, you’ll gain a new perspective on life, love, and happiness. She shares the experiences of her year in Italy in a fresh, engaging way that will keep you turning the pages – eager for more amazing tidbits from her journey!

In Italian Style, Olivia offers a wealth of everyday Italian wisdom. She teaches you how to wake up excited every day and enjoy your morning routine. From skin care to hair care to cosmetics and perfume, you’ll discover how to groom and pamper yourself—and even learn the secret to the perfect Italian manicure!

Across the span of a day in Italy, Olivia covers a huge landscape of Italian experience, culture, and wisdom:

  • Food (with recipes)
  • Coffee
  • Fashion
  • Fitness
  • Poise
  • Positivity
  • Beauty
  • Motherly Wisdom!

Enjoy a taste of class, lose yourself in the lush embrace of la dolce vita – the sweet life –and the luxurious elegance of ITALIAN STYLE!


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