Christmas Stories -10 Easy Sight Word – Learn To Read Stories for Kids 2 to 5 Years Old

| December 24, 2015


Christmas Stories -10 Easy Sight Word - Learn To Read Stories for Kids 2 to 5 Years Old (Kindergarten and Preschool Learning)

The Christmas Stories Book 1 includes 10 very simple and easy to read books for young children who are starting to learn to read. The stories are not bedtime stories, but learn to read stories. The books include: The Christmas Alphabet, Have You Been Good, Thank You Santa, Letter To Santa, The Night Before Christmas, The Very Hungry Santa, Where Is Rudolph, Santa’s Message, All About Santa and Christmas Wishes. The stories have simple words and sentences, repeated words, lots of pictures and flashcards with sight words at the end of each story.

The stories are not bedtime stories to read to your child…but simple stories to help your child learn how to read. Hence they are very simple but still interesting to beginner readers.

These books are the perfect opportunity to introduce your child to learning how to read. They are suitable for children aged from 2 to 5 years of age (kindergarten, preschool) who are truly beginner readers. These easy sight word books will turn your child onto reading by giving them the confidence to read by themselves. Confidence is a vital element in learning how to read. At the end of each story they can practice reading the sight words in each book. This is the perfect introduction to reading!

Katrina Kahler is an award winning teacher (National Inspirational Teacher Award) who has been teaching children to read for 30 years. Her ‘I Am A Reader’ Series contain books that are perfect for fostering your child’s ability to read. Type Katrina Kahler into the search box to find more of her books.

Your child will love showing off their new reading skills over Christmas.

As an added bonus, I have added some Christmas jokes and knock knock jokes to entertain your child.


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