Dragon Tails: Saving Dracor

| December 26, 2015


Dragon Tails: Saving Dracor

Enter the fantasy world of an unexpected encounter between a Dragon Prince and a 13-year-old farm boy!

Dragon heir Dracor has had a close shave with an evil, carnivorous spider after landing in human territory. He escapes narrowly, thanks to 13-year-old Jacen’s bravery. However, Dracor sustains a broken wing and is unable to fly back to his kingdom.

Out of pity, and awe, Jacen offers to nurse Dracor back to health. The only thing he cannot foresee is his protective mother’s reaction. Torn between taking care of the injured dragon and obeying his mother, Jacen goes with his heart.

Meanwhile, Dracor faces yet another dilemma. Should he accept the boy’s help once more? What will his parents, who abhor humans with a vengeance, say if they hear of it?

*This is a short story, ideal for avid dragon lovers, both adults and children.*

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Preview of Book 3

As the street they were on intersected with another in a wide clearing, they came upon the first body of a dragon. It was the first thing they saw that was not burned. It was one of the soldiers – Dracor thought his name might have been Korthax, or maybe Karthax – and he was studded with so many arrows and spears that he resembled a giant pincushion. The slain dragon was completely ringed in by dead human soldiers.

“Did you know him?” Jacen asked.

“Not well,” Dracor admitted, and felt a sharp twinge of shame as he did so.

“How many dragons did your uncle bring with him?”

“No more than a dozen, I believe.”

“A dozen dragons leveled an entire city?”

“It would appear that way.”

Jacen swallowed. “And how many dragons live in the Wyrmgarden?”

Dracor thought about it. “About 500.”

“Gods,” Jacen murmured, and then fell silent once more.

He circled the city before heading any deeper in. He needed to get an accurate count of the dead. At other major intersections, they found identical scenes: a fallen dragon soldier surrounded by a score of human ones. It didn’t make any sense – he had expected that if he did find any slain dragons, they would be all gathered in one spot. The only way his uncle’s retinue would have fought to the death was if they had had no other choice. But spread out throughout the city like this … that suggested that they had not been on the defensive.

He managed to account for all of his father’s soldiers – he found 11 of them, though it was possible one or two might have escaped. But he did not find his uncle’s body. At last, he headed toward the very center of the city.

A wide plaza stood at Fallreach’s center. In the epicenter was a massive fountain, now destroyed. Here the concentration of human soldiers was at its thickest. The bodies were scattered so densely that there was barely room to walk through them.

This was also where they found the dragons. The first things they saw that were not burned. There were a dozen of them, the ones who had accompanied his uncle. Some of them were studded with so many arrows and spears that they resembled giant pincushions. But his uncle’s body was nowhere to be seen.

In front of the fountain what looked to be a large pedestal or altar had been erected. It was wider even than the fountain, stretching nearly across the entire diameter of the plaza. And sprawled across the altar….

Dracor gasped. “Ohen.”

He lumbered over to the side of the altar.

Copper-colored scales, spiked tail – it was his brother’s body.

But the head was missing.

Dracor let out a howl of misery so loud that Jacen covered his ears. He buried his face against Ohen’s chest and let the tears spill. When they hit the stone, they sizzled. He pictured his brother’s face – the narrow eyes, the cocky grin. Why would they have taken his head and left the rest of him?


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