Goblin Night Fever (Underkingdom)

| May 18, 2013


Goblin Night Fever (Underkingdom)

When an unexpected school trip takes an unscheduled detour, Angelica is drawn into a hidden world buried deep beneath the streets of London. Here in the Underkingdom she will encounter many unexpected dangers and unusual creatures. However, none could be stranger than Plopbottle, a timid goblin who longs to escape to the surface – although his fantasies of topside life are a little out of date (he still thinks that glitter balls, roller-discos and dazzling white suits with hang-glider lapels are the latest thing). Together this unlikely duo will have to take on a ruthless king, rescue Angelica’s schoolmates before they become the filling in a giant pie and try to stop a monstrous war machine, which rises from the earth taking the heart of the city with it.

Goblin Night Fever is the first of three planned books in the Underkingdom series.


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