A New Divide

| December 26, 2015


A New Divide (Science Fiction)

“A New Divide isn’t some simple fictional story about good and evil, it’s an intense epic whose roots come from the soil of a man.” – Stephen Weaver

Book One of Three


In the distant future, humanity has created peace by converting war between sovereign nations into a form of sport known as Gravityball.

War has been abolished, civilizations have flourished like never before, and now superstar athlete Collin King has won the hearts of billions by conquering his circuit for the fourth year in a row.

Unwittingly knowing he has set in motion a chain of events that will be known as one of the darkest chapter in human history.

Hours after celebrating his victory, his world is condemned for the crime of being free and during the extermination he discovers he holds a genetic key to immortality. Against his will he becomes the center of the first violent conflict mankind has witnessed in over one thousand years””brought on by a sadistic ruler from far in the past who will use every inch of his boundless power to complete his dying nation’s legacy.


A New Divide follows Collin King on his journey of adversity shortly after he is liberated from his destroyed motherworld. It’s the story of life, love, choice, and the power of desire – and what that can accomplish.

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