Silverglade The Dream

| December 27, 2015


Silverglade The Dream (The I love to Read Series Book 1)

Silverglade – The Dream is designed to capture the imagination and not let go. Readers frequently say they just want more. Maybe this book should have a warning label: May cause lack of sleep.

What people are saying about Silverglade – The Dream:
*** “I am thoroughly intrigued.”
*** “I think this plot is ingenious. I am hooked.”
*** “We liked Nemo and Quasar because the interaction between them is hilarious.”
*** “After reading for several hours I told my son he needed to find a stopping point and get to bed. He wasn’t too thrilled. The next morning he was up early, reading!”

“Silverglade – The Dream” tells a story of hardship and perseverance, friendship and faith.
It is full of tall-masted sailing ships, mighty armies, simple villages, and, deep within the hidden valley of Silverglade, the secretive People of Light.

The story revolves around Quasar and Nemo, adolescents whose friendship is forged by the fiery deaths of both their families. Orphaned and thrown into the adult world they are drawn into the global conflicts of a rich and powerful king.

The also are ushered into the hidden world of the People of Light, where they begin their adventure in earnest. And so the boys, aged in a baptism of fire, begin their quest.
As armies march, as kingdoms clash, they walk into darkness and desolation to struggle against all fear and conquer The Evil.


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