Happiness Decoded: How To Stop Negative Thinking, Be In The Moment And Stay Positive

| December 30, 2015


Happiness Decoded: How to stop negative thinking, be in the moment and stay positive

Happiness Decoded – A Book to Crucify Negativity to stay in a Good Mood

Happiness Decoded (HD) starts by giving a precise definition of happiness which simplifies what needs to be done to stay happy. It is built around the theory of the Eight Cs which identifies things you need to let go of and things you need to inculcate to attain a positive state of mind which is not easily disturbed. In the eight chapters dedicated to the eight Cs there are various examples to help the readers understand how a C affects their life and how they can handle it to stay in a good mood most of the times.

In the second part of the book, Anirudh talks about how, after being surrounded by negativity due to attacks of psychosis, he successfully applied various points of the theory in his life to become a happy person again. The last part of the book consists of exercises which give you guidance in adopting a systematic approach in your battle for the fort of happiness.

HD has many practical tips to help people stop negative self talk as the author has first-hand experience of how it screws your life; and knows how you can change your thinking to overcome it. Among other things, Anirudh tells you how to stop complaining and provides an effective alternative to the ludicrous habit. There is also stress on how to achieve a state of mind which allows you to be in the moment.

Happiness Decoded will make you introspect; help you identify the reasons which are making it difficult for you to be a positive person; and give you simple but effective tips on how to be happy again. But, of course, as is stated in the book, you are the king of your universe and in the end it is you and only you who can change your world. If you sense someone has been engulfed by negativity and you want to help that person get out of that state of mind by giving him/her tips on how to think positive, then too this book will prove invaluable to you. After reading it you will easily be able to spot the reasons behind that person’s negative attitude. This is what makes HD stand out. It will make it clear to you why people find it difficult to be happy when happiness can easily be attained; and thereby you will be able to decipher the simple secrets of happiness.

A Note from the Author: –

Some people say happiness is a state of mind and you can be happy no matter what. Well, maybe it is true for them but no one I have ever met is perpetually happy. Attaining a state of mind where nothing matters to you will probably make you a sage. I am no one to define what happiness means to an individual as it may differ from person to person. But according to me you can’t be happy if nothing affects you. Among other things, you may become wise and contented in such a scenario but not happy in my book. I am not a sage, nor am I working towards becoming one. So I can’t help you in that regard. People who think ‘true happiness’ is different from happiness and are looking for spiritual guidance should look elsewhere and so should people who think success is essential for a person to stay positive. I am neither spiritual nor am I successful.

But I am a guy who went through hell because of attacks of psychosis. I have been there: engulfed by negative thoughts and unable to break free. I know how your whole life gets fucked up due to that pathetic state of mind. After realizing how negative thoughts were adversely affecting me, I decided to fight and during my quest to become a positive person again, I believe I cracked the happiness code. In this book I have put forward a simple theory which makes it clear how to stop negative thinking and maximize your happiness quotient despite the shit you face in life. I am happy and I know it and I really what to show why.

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