Amazingly Content: How to Be in Love with All You See & Hear, And Be in Harmony with Family, Friends & Work

| December 30, 2015


Amazingly Content: How to Be in Love with All You See & Hear, And Be in Harmony with Family, Friends & Work

What Treasures Will You Gain By Being Amazingly Content?

Reconciliation in your relationships is the main treasure of this method. I teach it to my clients in my decades long life coaching practice. It opens the heart and removes animosity. Not bad, eh.

I learned of this Hawaiian method of Ho’oponopono from Joe Vitale, author of Zero Limits. I recommend his fine book. I road tested this material in my own life and taught it to clients. We got results – felt happier, removed animosity, reconciled. Joe gave me permission to use a bit of his material to highlight insights in this short book.

Here’s the true story that grabbed me –

Imagine a lockdown ward for the violently, criminally insane. Now imagine a Hawaiian shaman sitting in an office at the mental hospital and healing everyone on the ward without even talking with them. The Shaman employs the ancient spiritual method of reconciliation and blessing known as Ho’oponopono in his Hawaiian heritage.

This true story leads you into a remarkable adventure in healing that you can use:

to remove stubborn blocks in your life that irritatingly and mysteriously prevent you from fulfilling your dreams.

to overcome invisible and unconscious obstacles to getting what you want in your life– more of the mysterious stuff. We’ll talk about this later in the book.

to help others overcome their obstacles.

to heal any relationship.

to attract real wealth and lovely treasures.

and best of all – you get to walk around in Heaven, being in love with the universe.

Sounds good, right?

If this can work with the criminally insane, your loved ones will be a snap.

“But, William, you don’t know my loved ones,” you say.

“Yes, but I do,” I say, “I’ve worked with clients talking about their monstrous loved ones for decades. Their relatives and my relatives are just like yours.

“This will help you. I promise.

“And get this, when you use this shaman’s very simple, surprisingly simple method, you’ll feel at one with the entire universe, amazingly content, even if your loved ones don’t seem to improve a bit.

“Not bad, eh?”

“No,” you say “not bad.”

OK, tighten your seatbelt, return your seat to its upright position, and prepare for takeoff.

Go ahead, get the book now.


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