Creepella (Fire) vs Frosty (Ice)

| December 30, 2015


Creepella (Fire) vs Frosty (Ice)

Creepella (Fire) vs Frosty (Ice)

One day, I was ready to have completed the design edited into a book, my daughter asked, “Dad, what are you drawing, Oh, it’s beautiful,” “Daddy is editing a book, be prepared to put on the Internet the way to sell”. When I found daughter, surprise then use the software to edit the story of the painting, hand painting before she is on the paper, then I asked 10-year-old daughter, do you want to edit a book placed on the Internet to sell, she happily answered “Yes”, since last year, my daughter has had a serious illness, in order to achieve what she wanted, in order to preserve her original, pictures and stories have not been modified.

The book “Creepella (fire) vs Frosty (Ice)” the story is about Creepella using her fire mirror seen a very handsome Jake, Jake and Frosty being held their wedding, Creepella desire to be able to live with Jake, Creepella immediately went to the scene to stop the wedding, Creepella use the super magic attack Frosty, both sides used mana struggle itself, but fell to defeat the Frosty’s magic.

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