The Refiner’s Fire (Love in Lancaster County Book 1)

| December 29, 2015


AMISH ROMANCE: The Refiner's Fire: Short Amish Romance Story (Love in Lancaster County Book 1)

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An Amish Sweet Christian Romance suitable for all ages.

As the eldest of seven children, Naomi Beachey has always been a joy to her parents. Her positive, friendly personality encourages people wherever she goes in her community.

But when tragedy strikes in the form of a fire that consumes their home and injures a precious member of the family, Naomi is forced to confront the reality that life is not always perfect, not even for those who serve God with their whole hearts.

During this time of testing, she begins to form a new attachment with long-time neighbor Jonathan Glick. Completely opposite from Naomi, Jonathan is reserved and quiet, but his personality draws her in and he becomes her comfort. Naomi is not looking for love, but Jonathan’s heart has belonged to her forever it seems. He accepts the changes in her personality and the doubts she is expressing when everyone else worries about her.

However, at an especially low point, an Englischer appears and tempts her away from her faith. With his striking good looks and flashy car, the handsome stranger lures Naomi out for a night of fun, but something about him worries her. Is she running the risk of losing all that she has ever known with one bad choice? What will it take for Naomi to find her way back to the One who loves her unconditionally and the one who wants to spend his life with her?

Find out in the new series, Love in Lancaster County.

The ‘Love in Lancaster County’ series is set in south central Pennsylvania, sometimes nicknamed the Garden Spot of America or Pennsylvania Dutch Country where the Amish lead a simple life of peace and faith.

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Book 2 in the ‘Love in Lancaster County’ series, coming soon!


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