Guide to Planning the Perfect Family Vacation

| January 1, 2016


Guide to Planning the Perfect Family Vacation

The solution to planning the best family vacations has arrived! For all parents who have ever wanted to make their time away with their children full of bonding, personal growth, fun, and excitement, comes a book packed with information about how to travel smarter, book for less, and experience more meaning and enjoyment while touring with their children – whether across the world or down the road.

Beyond just the logistics, we delve into what makes a vacation truly outstanding. We talk about values like family bonding, travel as education, expanding your horizons, and adapting to change (just to name a few). Learn how great family travel is within reach, how it can help each family member develop and mature, and the opportunities family travel offers to grow closer to one another.

This book is designed for families who believe that vacation is about more than just showing up somewhere and seeing what happens. We take readers through the entire process – from planning and booking, to actively exploring a new destination. Learn about ways to save money, inspiring destination choices, and read key travel tips on everything from how to stay healthy on vacation to good safety habits. Extras like packing lists and a guide to online resources take all of the guesswork out of vacation planning and serve as indispensable tools for anyone who values family time away.

This guide was written for thoughtful parents who really value time spent as a family. It strives to be comprehensive yet accessible, and features an amazing amount of family and travel related information, written with real families in mind. From the team at, the innovative travel website, comes this collection of advice from top experts and actual families. We asked professionals in the field of family travel for their best advice in order to supplement our own knowledge, and ensure that the most important information is covered.

This book makes the perfect gift for thoughtful families on any upcoming occasion. Bring it to a housewarming, holiday, birthday, baby shower, or other upcoming celebration. Break out of the ordinary and share the hostess gift that helps families be their best!

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