Benefits Of Green Smoothies: All About The Benefits Of Green Smoothies And How They Detox Your Body, Help You Lose Weight, Have More Energy

| December 31, 2015


Green Smoothies: Benefits Of Green Smoothies: All about the benefits of green smoothies and how they detox your body, help you lose weight, have more energy ... Ultimate Guide To Weight Loss Book 2)

Green Smoothies: Lose weight faster than ever before!

Benefits of Green Smoothies teaches you everything you need to know about green smoothies and how they will improve your life!

Most people do not get enough nutrients in their diet. This causes people to rely on nutritional supplements to get the vitamins and minerals that the human body depends on. Unfortunately, these supplements do not always provide the level of nutrition that they claim on their label. The only sure way to include essential vitamins and minerals in your diet is to include healthy food in your diet.

Green smoothies are one of the latest health trends and for good reason. They provide all of the flavors of a fruit smoothie, but with the addition of beneficial nutrients that are typically only found in green vegetables.

Drinking one green smoothie each day could completely alter your health. Learn more about the health benefits of green smoothies and tips for making great tasting smoothies. You will also find a three-day detox plan that you can use to cleanse your system and a large selection of green smoothie recipes.

You can drink to your health, with green smoothies for weight loss and detox.

What will you learn in this book?

    • All about the health benefits of green smoothies


  • How to make a great tasting smoothie



  • Simple 3-Day Detox plan



  • A list of the best green smoothie recipes



  • Free bonus chapter from my other book: Sugar Detox For Beginners


The primary benefits of drinking green smoothies include being able to improve your digestion, promote weight loss, and kill sugar cravings, but these are not the only reasons to add green smoothies to your diet. Here is a closer look at some of the main advantages of drinking green smoothies.

    • Improve your digestion


  • Reach your fitness goals



  • Improve your energy levels



  • Enjoy better mental clarity



  • Control sugar cravings



  • Enjoy better skin



  • Prevent serious illnesses



  • Lower your risk of diabetes



  • Reduce your risk of cardiovascual disease



  • Improve your overall health



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