A Guide to Baby Sign Language

| January 1, 2016


Baby Signing: A Guide to Baby Sign Language (baby signing basic,baby sign language basics, baby sign language books)

A Guide To Baby Sign Language

A child, who is only a few months of age, can go through a lot of frustration since he/she cannot communicate in words. This can lead to tantrums and increased aggression etc. Studies and research shows that baby sign language can benefit a baby’s language development in several ways such as increased vocabulary, more advanced literacy skills, sentence structure, greater expression in gestures and spoken language, engagement in two-way conversations, and allowing communication between different spoken languages.

Parents who teach their babies sign language also reap such rewards as:

• Larger expressive and receptive oral-language vocabularies

• More advanced mental development

• A reduction in problematic behavior like tantrums resulting from frustration

• Improved parent-child relationships

• Advanced comprehension

• Ability to verbalize needs

• Reduce aggression such as biting and hitting in result of the baby being able to express its needs

• Increasing parents’ respect for the baby

The purpose of this book is to help parents in developing their children and along the way learn something enjoyable with their babies. This book will elaborate many advantages and provide a step by step guide for parents who wish to welcome their babies with an early development gift that will last their child for a life time.


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