The Confluence of Experience: Metaphor for the Literal Mind

| January 1, 2015


The Confluence of Experience: Metaphor for the Literal Mind (PART ONE)

The Confluence of Experience is the first part in the tetralogy of the Metaphor for the Literal Mind…

…A nameless young protagonist struggles against the forces of Death; while in a parallel universe, a doctor seeks to prove ‘time travel in the mind’ through the utilisation of a quantum superstructure in the brain during REM sleep.

A third reality- a hidden dream world- moving alongside in unseen space, slowly blends the two interweaving ‘realities’ together, until they crumble beneath the accelerating dreamlike perturbations.

Death itself claims the doctor and his nameless counterpart, leading them through a series of dreamscapes, a series of lessons culminating in an intractable existential quandary. On the cusp of immortality, they are faced with a difficult choice…

Metaphor for the Literal Mind is part adventure story, part coming-of-age tale, part metamodernist manifesto. It combines elements of magic realism with grand philosophical debates, blending Kafkaesque scenes and situations with a narrative of hope and ultimately redemption through love. In essence, it is a meditation on meaning and madness; and in sum represents the eventual triumph of meaning in spite of the limitations of our understanding and the impossibility of an unimpeachable clarity… or something like that.


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