Trek Factor: Powerful Life Lessons from Star Trek (The Trek Factor Series)

| May 19, 2013


Trek Factor: Powerful Life Lessons from Star Trek (The Trek Factor Series)

Boldly Going Where No Self-Help Book Has Gone Before…

Based on the idea that the Star Trek characters provide stellar examples of enlightened leadership, self-confidence, wisdom, and cooperation, The Trek Factor: Powerful Life Lessons from Star Trek shows how these fictional heroes can be life-changing role models for earthlings. The book showcases the immense power Star Trek has to teach people how to succeed in real life.

The Trek Factor Helps Readers to Find Their Heroes Within
Using Star Trek characters including Spock, Kirk, Picard, Worf, and Deanna Troi, The Trek Factor teaches readers how to use these characters–who represent heroic archetypes–to guide their own self-development. Written for both die-hard Trekkies and casual fans of the show, the characters’ four-personality types (Leader, Analyst, Warrior, and Communicator) are broken down and applied to real life.

Everyday Inspiration from the Starship Enterprise
The Trek Factor helps readers understand how the heroes in Star Trek resolve issues that range
from managing every-day emotions, to confronting bullies, to facing death. Readers are helped to draw inspiration from the character’s actions and decisions. Live embedded links direct you to Star Trek episodes and clips that further demonstrate how each character deals with their particular challenges. The clips help you to understand how the Star Trek crew confronts the same sorts of
issues you deal with every day.

Introject Four Different Types of Heroes
In Star Trek, each character represents a distinct type of hero. By understanding and internalizing the characteristics of each of these archetypes, readers can develop the qualities of the heroes themselves. For example, if you’re like Spock, you may be great at making rational decisions and staying objective, but you’re probably a bit weaker in the Warrior qualities portrayed by Worf or the Leadership qualities of Captain Kirk.

Why Use Fictional Heroes?
From whom else can we learn how to
be strong, brave, compassionate, wise, logical, and fair all at the same
time? These are the days of debunking, when our political, cultural and
religious Leaders too often are caught with pants down–but still, we
crave role models to learn from. The irony is that the fictional
heroes in Star Trek show us how to negotiate life and become strong in a
way that few real life heroes can. Though the Star Trek characters are
fictional, they represent heroic qualities that resonate in a profound
way. They are heroes in a full, non-blemished sense, embodying heroic
qualities with such purity that we can finally learn what those
qualities are, and by example, how to embody them.

Includes Your Personal Star Trek Heroic Assessment
 The Trek Factor includes a fun assessment that lets readers identify their predominant hero attributes. With concrete advice on how to use the results, each reader quickly learns if their personality requires more influence from a particular Star Trek character.

Step-by-Step Exercises
You’ll find exercises throughout that will help you to bring forward the hero within yourself. In each exercise, you’ll confront a particular issue in your life, drawing wisdom from Star Trek to help you succeed.

Draws on Star Trek Movie AND Star Trek Series
The Trek Factor draws on Star Trek movies as well as on TNG, DS9, Star Trek Voyager, as well as the Star Trek original series.  


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