The Paleo Diet Game Book: “So Easy Cavemen Can Do It” (Busy Person’s Game Books)

| May 19, 2013


The Paleo Diet Game Book:

Read What People Are Saying About The Paleo Diet Game Book: So Easy Cavemen Can Do It. 

Unique And Creative Way To Learn – More Than Fun and Games – Leah Vasquez 
The Paleo Diet Game Book is just more than fun and games.
I am on the go and my time is limited. This is a great way to learn about the basics of the Paleo Diet and have fun!
The Paleo Diet game, information text summary, grocery list, and three sample recipes come included in the Paleo sampler. Highly recommended for a quick tutorial. 

Paleo 101 All In One = Total Package For Inquiring Minds – Morgan Donaldson
I was not sure what the Paleo Diet was all about.  I read and played this creative little game book and had a good time in the process.  It’s a quick read and gives you all the basic information in an entertaining way.  
Best of all, you can try out the meal plan at the end of the book to see if this food lifestyle suits your taste buds.
You can retake the quiz to check your understanding over and over again.  This is a really handy and fun way to learn. 

Paleo Diet Quiz Game Book – A Busy Person’s Best Friend – Cecilia Jenkins
I was looking for a short introduction to this diet before I spent tons of funds on other books. This little book fits the bill perfectly.

It is a game, information booklet, a little recipe sampler, and a grocery list all in one.  I take my Kindle to the store, and the convenient list of “eats” and “don’t eat” are instantly available to me.

The language is simple and straightforward.  The game is great to play, and you can score your basic knowledge and go back to see how well you did afterwards. 

Hope to see more of this type of gaming for education and information.  This is really a busy person’s best friend.

Tell Me More About The Paleo Diet Game Book:

This idea has become a fundamental part of our lives –
either going on a diet, staying on the diet, or quitting it.

But before choosing a diet, the question you need to ask yourself is, “So many diets, so little time.”

Which is beneficial and suited for me?

With so many choices, it is important that you find a diet that is going to the way you live, your temperament, and a meal plan that will let you relax and enjoy life.

The Paleo Diet may be just the perfect one for you!

Not sure what the Paleo Diet is all about? No time to read an entire book?

Take this short interactive quiz to learn the basic “ins and outs” of the Paleo lifestyle.

This informative and fun interactive game is an introduction to the basics of the diet and will give you great background information in an enjoyable and creative way.


– Paleo Quiz Challenge
– Information On The Paleo Diet
– Grocery List
– Sample Meal Plan Recipes

Take the first step toward a healthy lifestyle with this great little book!
What have you got to lose?

Maybe the weight!


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