Tales of a New Jersey Nothing: A Memoir

| May 19, 2013


Tales of a New Jersey Nothing: A Memoir

In this candid, funny, and often heartbreaking memoir, E.V. Anderson, author of The Many Lives of Lilith Lane, lays bare his troubled childhood. Born to a single mother of five in Camden, New Jersey, one of the most dangerous cities in the country, E.V. never quite fit in. He endured years of torment from his drug-addicted older brother, and spent his youth hiding away with his comic books and imagination. When his comics started to lose their appeal and cocaine grew more enticing, E.V. knew he was in trouble. Through it all, he never lost hope, even as tragedy struck his family. Tales of a New Jersey Nothing is a true story of the bonds we share with family, friends, and lovers that tear us apart, but ultimately make us stronger.


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