Fifth Grade Dragon Master

| January 5, 2016


Fifth Grade Dragon Master,  Understanding Bullies: Bullies Series, How to handle bullies (Fifth Grade Series   Bully Book 1)

If you are a young person dealing with bullies. This youth novel is for you. Learn the lesson on how to handle bullies and become friend. It is 16,000 words of a fast pace story. You will not want to put it down. Buy it now and tell a friend. Kids love the PAPERBACK BOOK BUY NOW. Bullies how to handle bullies now

Fifth grader Gerald Krumfield doesn’t enjoy playing “Hunt the Troll” with his arch nemesis, Nate Thompson, because Gerald is always the troll. When Nate and his gang catch him, they give Gerald the world’s worst pink bellies and wedgies. The only bright spot in Gerald’s school day is his copy of King Cyprus and the Knights of Twisted Tree. This book is filled with adventures of knights, kings, and the powerful fire-breathing feathered dragon, Tauran. If only Gerald could have the confidence and bravery of a knight, he wouldn’t have to put up with Nate’s bullying. Then, one day, Gerald discovers a real feathered dragon egg! As he cares for the baby dragon, his confidence grows and he realizes he might just have what it takes to face Nate once and for all. Join Gerald Krumfield as he learns how to deal with fifth grade bullies in Fifth Grade Dragon Maker ,The Last Feathered Dragon: Understanding Bullies, the Universe, and Touching the Stars.

The book are part of a series that deal with understanding bullies:

1. Fifth Grade Dragon Master

2. Fifth Grade Monster School

3. Fifth Grade Timothy Bottoms Rules


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