International Mysteries: Boxed Set Four Books in One (Jack Warden Detective Series Book 5)

| January 8, 2016


International Mysteries: Boxed Set Four Books in One (Jack Warden Detective Series Book 5)

International Mysteries

Jack Warden Detective Series Boxed Set

Four Books in One

Jack can’t seem to catch a break. Even on a calming cruise he finds trouble. Following in his father’s footsteps, Jack Warden becomes a detective, unknowing that his new job will take him all over the world.

Putting a stop to a serial killer in the Philippines, catching murderers in the Caymans, going against gangs in Puerto Rico and rounding up bad guys in Spain are just in a day’s work for Jack.

See what people are saying about the Jack Warden Detective Series.


“An Excellent book – well worth purchasing, written in a fast free flowing style, ideal reading for these cold winter nights. In a style of Mclean etc.”

“This by far isn’t the cruise everyone dreams of!! LOL!!!! Dead people seem to keep showing up. What’s up with that???? In a Sea of Troubles, is a must read. I enjoyed this book very much.”

“This is a very enjoyable read. Who would have thought a ship cruise could turn out so interesting! The story flows and keeps a person interested to the end. And the tale’s end is worth the effort of reading from the beginning.”

“This book is very good to read…really enjoyed the story line and it is very well written…I highly recommend this book.”

“Very good story, by an outstanding writer.”

“This book kept me interested and did not want to put it down even though you knew who the murder was. I enjoyed it very well and wanted to read more of this author’s books.”

“This book was great!!!!! Where ever Jack goes there’s bound to be trouble. The poor guy just can’t seem to have a peaceful vacation. But leave it to Jack Warden, as he will catch the murderer every time.”



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