Sicilian Quilt

| January 6, 2016


Sicilian Quilt

Writing her memoirs at 74, a woman looks back at a pivotal moment in her life some five decades ago: In Grosse Pointe, a bastion of American privilege, it’s the summer before our rebellious 1960s, and Val at 19 is passionately searching for something more than traditional gender roles. Estranged from her housebound mother and battling her conventional sister, she is deeply attached to her father, a prominent builder. Her sexual awakening soon flaunts taboos, and her pursuit of long-buried family secrets leads to love betrayed and a life-altering confrontation.

“…powerful…beautifully written…a wonderful read.”—Jessica, Amazon reviewer

“A very interesting read for its Grosse Pointe history, culture, discrimination and lifestyle.”—Robin Houghton, Goodreads


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