Snakes: Jungle Series – Facts, Trivia and Photos! (Expedition Earth)

| May 20, 2013


Snakes: Jungle Series - Facts, Trivia and Photos! (Expedition Earth)

Animals Bestselling Series!
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Hello Adventurers! Welcome to Expedition Earth. Bestselling children’s author Emma Reed presents “SNAKES” in this edition of the Jungle Series.This book is filled with captivating photo illustrations and easy-to-understand words to teach children about snakes.Along with photos and facts, your child can also participate in learning through fun snake trivia! Just follow the binoculars!

The pictures look great in black and white and are amazing on the full color Kindle. The educational descriptions are simple for early readers, and also work well for parents to guide their children through the book.

All 31 sections have high-definition photos of snakes. Your child will love scrolling through the amazing images!

Your child will get a well-rounded understanding of the most amazing snake species. The book includes:

Venomous Snakes
* Cobra
* Copperhead
* Coral Snake
* Cottonmouth
* Mamba
* Rattlesnake
* Gabon Viper

Non-Venomous Snakes
* Emerald Green Boa Constrictor
* Bull Snake
* Garter Snake
* California Kingsnake
* Reticulated Python
* Green Anaconda

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