Deep Into the Game

| May 20, 2013


Jessica Daniels will forever be known as the daughter of the man who invented Reanimation technology. Yet despite Reanimation’s successful application in military and civilian life, she finds herself a social pariah, scorned by its benefactors as well as its detractors.

One summer, she and a close group of like-minded computer gaming and hacking friends decide to break into Long Island’s GAMELAND, a decade-old virtual reality wasteland populated with the reanimated souls of a twelve-year-old outbreak. There, the undead have been conscripted as real avatars in a survivalist role-playing game for the rich and privileged. It is forbidden to go there, but the group figures they’ll be safe. Where they intend to go is outside the walls of the actual arcade.

But while they find breaking in is easy, getting back out is a killer.

“Deep Into the Game” is the first book in the epic cyberpunk post-apocalyptic thriller series that juices the zombie genre with a wicked new cybernetic twist. The undead with their neural implants aren’t killers, but rather slaves, soldiers, and game pieces for our use and entertainment. At least, that is until they aren’t.Find out more about this killer series at Saul’s website:

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