The Under Cover Gardening Guide

| January 7, 2016


The Under Cover Gardening Guide: How you can make and use cloches, hoop houses, cold frames and greenhouses to protect your plants and extend your growing season

How to Grow and Enjoy Your Own Fresh Organic Vegetables and Fruits With Easy to Use Protective Garden Structures

Covers, Cloches, Poly Tunnels, Sun Frames and Greenhouses

Novice and experienced gardeners both can add months of gardening pleasure with a little under cover gardening know-how.

Discover how to create and use protective garden structures and plant covers to extend your growing season, and get more enjoyment from your fresh organic vegetables, herbs and fruits. Start your plants earlier in spring, and extend your harvest well into cold fall and even winter weather with protective garden structures.

The author, an experienced gardener, gives many practical solutions for the modern home gardener, and covers topics such as; wind, rain, and freezing temperatures, with most all of her approaches being easy to apply, and inexpensive as well. Find out about the types of permanent garden structures, small portable greenhouses and a variety of temporary plant covers to protect your plants from frost, wind, disease and even predators.

Just a Sample Of What You’ll Find in This Compact 44 Page Book:

  • Temporary Protective Plant Covers
  • Poly Tunnels
  • How to Make a Portable Cloche
  • Cold Frames and Hot Beds
  • Comprehensive Greenhouse Guide

˃˃˃ From Simple Covers to Permanent Garden Structures

From simple homemade cloches that cover a single plant to a detailed section on the ultimate gardening structure – the backyard greenhouse, you’ll find the exact best methods to suit your needs, and to protect and nurture your plants. Complete directions to easily and inexpensively build your own simple cloches, hoop tunnels and cold frames are included.

˃˃˃ Want a Greenhouse in your Yard?

The resource section of “The Under Cover Gardening Guide”includes handy links to several downloadable plans for building your own cold frame or greenhouse.

Get the most bang out of your gardening buck… scroll up and grab a copy of The Under Cover Gardening Guide now.


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