Death at Penrose Hill

| May 20, 2013


Death at Penrose Hill

In 1924 England, young and single are the calling card to matchmakers and would-be cupids. Which is the case with Rebecca Highsmith, and her matchmaking aunt; a woman who believes her “spinster” niece is destined for quick marriage as soon as she finds the right man. After being dragged to a coastal party and expected to find her one true love, what Rebecca and the other guests really find is a corpse.

What was originally a bid for love at first sight becomes a twisted game of killer hide-and-seek, as Rebecca races to discover the identity of the murderer before they strike again. Nothing will ever be the same at the Mansion on Penrose Hill!

Noted as Rebecca Moisio’s debut novel, “Death at Penrose Hill” promises thrilling twists and a climactic ending that will keep readers riveted. Every page is packed with action and chaos, making this a shoe-in for the title of best new thriller in 2013.


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