Juice Love: Guide to Detox, Lose Weight and Feel Great with Juicing – Plus Recipes!

| May 20, 2013


Juice Love: Guide to Detox, Lose Weight and Feel Great with Juicing - Plus Recipes!

Amazon Bestselling beginner’s guide to juicing…plus recipes!

Get ready to join the juicing revolution with this straight-forward, fun and easy-to-follow guide.

Today’s hectic lifestyle can leave our health in shambles. Meanwhile we’re offered costly pills and procedures to “cure” countless ailments and improve our body image. Our intentions are in the right place – we want to live a long and healthy life. But what if there were a simpler, all-natural way to get healthy, lose weight and feel great for the long haul? As many people are discovering, there is!

Juicing is an efficient, all-natural and inexpensive way to fill your body with the vitamins and minerals it craves. Plus, you can customize your juicing experience based on your own personal goals.

But what about that taste? The fear of a bitter taste can be a barrier for beginners, yet this is a misconception. Home juicing can actually produce a super nutritious and DELICIOUS drink that you’ll come to crave. But how do you get there? Just follow our exclusive 7-Day Start-Up Plan to ease into juicing.

With this one-stop guide, you can begin juicing in a breeze. You’ll also learn:

• How to pick the right juicer for YOU: Including must-have features and the top picks for every budget.
• How to navigate the fruit and vegetable aisle: Including the MONEY-SAVING secret for clean juicing!
• The simple 5-step process to go from “raw to straw” in a snap: Plus, get the most out of juicing with our expert tips.
• Discover the top 3 areas for juicing, including how-to’s and recipes for:

Ready to fall in love with juicing? Get started today with this easy-to-follow beginner’s guide.


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