So What! Stories or Whatever!: The Trilogy

| January 9, 2016


So What! Stories or Whatever!: The Trilogy

This Great Blockbuster Trilogy of the So What! Stories has it all – Humour, heartache and criminal thrills and spills!

In Book One we follow the career of teacher Robert Jeffrey through the antics of his pupils – both in and out of the classroom. Giggle and gasp at the hilarious and sad tales of pupils; and with romance, bullying and intimidation, teachers that struggle and those that are popular you will be getting a full range of High School life!

In Book Two we find Molly Pearson, Robert’s student teacher, attempting to create a wildlife and nature garden with the help of her Year 7 kids, against dramatic odds! Self-harming, arson, gang violence and teenage angst all seem to be teaming up as obstacles to block success from Molly and her class of 11 year-olds!

In Book Three the reader has to keep up with ex-pupil detective Shantra as he pursues the desperate criminals who caused trauma and tragedy to the school community. A criminal fireworks stunt that goes disastrously wrong leads to death and mayhem; while the conspiring fraudsters look like they might get away with things! Just how does a black spider monkey come to assist detective Shantra in his attempts to catch the felons?


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