Time Skip

| January 9, 2016


Time Skip

Time Skip is a twist on the usual time travel adventure. The story centers around Curtis Lovelle who doesn’t exactly travel through time, he skips back in it. Curtis is a middle aged man with a happy life. He has a good marriage and little boy who is the light of his life. He can honestly say that if he were given the opportunity to do things over again, he wouldn’t change a thing. He doesn’t believe in fate. In his mind, every triumph and foible is essential in the journey to where he is now. But, when he wakes up in his parent’s house, eighteen years in the past, he finds out just how impossible it is to duplicate one’s life.

Curtis begins again as a sixteen year old, trying desperately not to alter the course of his life. As he negotiates high school for the second time, he becomes keenly aware of just how easy it is to send life on a new trajectory. The very act of trying to avoid making a mistake causes changes that it is impossible to undue. Without trying, his grades improve. Being faithful to his future wife he rebuffs a past fling only to open the door to a potential relationship he finds it hard to decline. In no time he realizes that he will be lucky to get his wife to fall in love with him again, let alone to do the impossible and get his son back.

While he struggles to decide just exactly how he’s going to get his wife back despite how his life is diverging from the past, he realizes that he is uniquely positioned to stop the murder of more than 3000 people. Torn between a need to restore his old life and a desire to stop the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Curtis tries to find a way to have it all. He realizes that if he is going to get his wife back he will have to find a way to do that and be a counter-terrorist too. .

Curtis experiences heart breaking setbacks and incredible triumphs as he navigates his way through a life he has already lived. Time Skip chronicles the extraordinary experiences of this reluctant time traveler.

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