Modern Gentleman: How to Dress Simple and Sexy to Attract Women: A Guide on How to Dress Better, Improve Style, Master Fashion, and Become the Best Version of Yourself

| January 9, 2016


Modern Gentleman: How to Dress Simple and Sexy to Attract Women: A Guide on How to Dress Better, Improve Style, Master Fashion, and Become the Best Version of Yourself (Gentleman's Wardrobe)

Learn How To Dress the Best Version of Yourself Today! First Edition.

Your Ultimate Guide to Dress Better, Attract Women, Become Charming, and Improve Sense of Fashion!

Learn how to dress attractive following very simple rules. The book provides the underlying, secret principles of modern fashion in order to dress successfully. Presented inside are the 42 rules, once mastered, can skyrocket your dressing success forever! Think of it as the foundation building blocks of having the most elite, badass dressing level… Having mastery of the principles will make dressing success inevitable. Armed with the information and strategies inside, you will also see tremendous results in terms of social and dating success.

The book is divided into 5 sections.

– Section 1: Beliefs

– Section 2: Do’s

– Section 3: Don’ts

– Section 4: Combinations

– Section 5: Resources

Each section has clear objectives on what you should do so you can apply the rules to your life and achieve success immediately. The rules/principles will be backed by detailed illustrations to help you gain complete understanding you will never have to worry if you are unable to learn.

Know How Simplicity Really Works and Why

A lot of people are confused what simplicity is all about. They either don’t recognize what dressing simple is all about, or think that dressing simple equals lack of consideration. This book will show you what dressing simple means in 2015, teach you the foundation of dressing simplistic, and how you can modify it into your own. Never worry about how to dress for different occasions again! More importantly, you will naturally find deals/budgets and save costs if you apply the rules here.

Pair Trainers, Jackets, Jeans, and Everything Else Easily!

“What should I wear with?” Ever had trouble pairing what you just bought with clothing that you own? It’s easy to mess up because you simply don’t know how and what to identify. This book will teach you easy ways you can pair new items so you’ll never worry if you have reliable combinations. The secret is actually very simple and you can apply immediately…

What Does Elite Dressing Mean and How to Create it?

If you don’t know how you can generate elite level dressing at any time, this book will teach you the surefire way on how to create a fascinating look that nobody knows about! It’s not rocket science but will require some tweaking on your mindset. Applied correctly you can expect an instant raise on your status level, skyrocketing your charm and individuality. You will find attire advices both on full looks like the street style or on individual pieces like blazers, chinos, brogues, and etc. Note that you do not need to buy designer brands all the time to create the best casual look!

And Moreover, Avoid the Mistakes that People Keep Forgetting About!

A lot of the times, dressing mastery is the game of avoidance. In order to dress well you must avoid these to create a visually appealing look. Thousands of men have followed the advice and increased their dressing success by at least 200%. So before you look into the latest fashion trends, the dress guidelines in this book will make sure you don’t make those mistakes. For future reference, the combination section will provide you with done-it-for-you examples that you can model after.

About the Author

David Chuteman is the creator of Chuteman Style Academy and currently lives in Rhode Island, United States. David finds passion in helping men succeed in dressing. At the same time, he is a fashion fanatic and loves to experiment new concepts of dressing. David is also a graduate from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), one of the most premium art universities in the world.

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