Brookside Bay: Alexa

| January 10, 2016


Brookside Bay: Alexa (Faith, love redemption book Book 1)

In a town where everyone knows you and your business, it’s hard to keep secrets.

Alexa just moved back home to Brookside Bay. The past she left behind always haunts her. Now she is faced with a choice to rebuild her life all over again. She has to find the strength to trust God or totally leave her faith behind.

Scorned by past mistakes and failed relationships,

Alexa struggles to trust God’s process and make sense out of her life. At the same time she befriends the new sheriff. They quickly grow fond of each other, but Alexa’s past keeps getting in the way. Will Alexa finally find and let love in? Will her faith be restored? Find out in Brookside Bay: Alexa


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