Derek The Dragon And The Missing Socks

| January 10, 2016


Childrens Book:Derek The Dragon And The Missing Socks (Illustrated Picture Book for ages 2-6,funny bedtime story kids collection 3)

Do your kids forget to clean up their rooms?
Have they ever asked you to find things for them?

This story is pure family entertainment. It is great for kids 2-82 but it is aimed at the 2-6 age group. The book covers a very important life skill, cleaning. Derek the dragon does not like to clean, but he learns that he needs to get his house clean if he is ever going to find his lucky socks. Devin the dormouse comes to help his friend and shows him the way to get his house clean. The friends clean the cave and find the lucky socks. The story is brought to life through vivid illustrations and is told in rhyming verse.


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