Home of the Dead: Book 1

| January 10, 2016


Home of the Dead: Book 1

All Grace Deacon wants to do is forget.

As a third generation mortician, Grace has seen her fair share of bodies. But nothing has prepared her for what she discovers in the basement of her family’s funeral home.

The recent and tragic death of her family has her teetering on the edge of reality; she yearns for oblivion. But her handsome new neighbor seems determined to save her despite her protests.

All Grace wants is to put the past behind her — to sell the Deacon Funeral Home and escape to a foreign country with the cash.

But a powerful and dangerous secret is buried in the bowels of the Home. It’s the Deacons’ job to protect that secret, but someone has found it out. Grace must embrace her legacy and commit to life in Hemlock Hollow to save the souls of her family members and the human race. Will she discover who’s after the secret before it’s too late?

Note: This is Book 1 in a four book serial called “Home of the Dead” and it ends on a cliffhanger. All books now available.


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