Nightmares & Dreams: Eydulan Series Book 2

| January 12, 2016


Nightmares & Dreams: A Science Fantasy Space Western: Eydulan Series Book 2

Katrice Wylde is no stranger to the darkness. She dreams of having a simple life with her husband and two artificial intelligences she considers family, settling down on a planet to leave their pasts behind. The past is a fickle mistress and doesn’t want to let them go so easily. Money and the need for supplies delays their trip to their new home, sending them on a dangerous delivery for quick returns.

Kat’s friend is captured by force from their new home while she waits for Kat. Taken to a prison world designed to hold only the most dangerous of mages. Once Kat finds out, she feels like her dreams are slipping though her fingers with each passing moment as if they were tossed into a flame. Unable to pull away from her past, and unable to ignore it any longer.

Will Kat have the resources to rescue her friend?

Are her dreams out of reach or will they turn into nightmares?

Join the crew and find out!

Author Insight

Q:What was the funnest character to write?
A:Bad guys are always fun to write, because you get to step out of yourself and think about things that you would never do before. But, I would say that Whisper was the fun character to write this time around. She is an artificial intelligence that has some serious hate for organic things. There is good reason for it, but she is forced to use Katrice as her connection to the physical world. So there is always a bit of tension for her, and it’s hard for her to open up.

Q:Is there anything that you want readers to know?
A:First is that I am grateful to even have them in the first place. Then I would like to say that I really had fun writing this It was a mixture of a few things that I love, and I hope that people really love it.

Whisper & Fury Categories:

Space Opera
Woman’s Adventure
Space Western
Colonization Science Fiction


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