The Elementalist

| May 20, 2013


The Elementalist

As an Elementalist, Barin Elicerio has both the physical and spiritual worlds at his command. But it’s all taken away when he’s found guilty of crimes he didn’t commit.

Just as he’s resigned himself to a lonely existence under house arrest, with only his two cats for company, a mysterious storm heralds the arrival of a pirate ship, and a whole heap of trouble for Barin.

When the Pirates tell Barin of mysterious things happening all over the world, the temptation to find out what’s causing it all becomes too much, and leaves him running for his life.

Can Barin solve the mysteries, rescue the woman he loves, and save the world, before it’s too late?

* * *

“When I first started reading this book I was immediately reminded of the exciting adventure found within the pages of the Harry Potter series. Andy Coughlan is a talented writer that has created a book that fantasy fans are sure to love. If you’re looking for an exciting read, look no further than The Elementalist.” Amy Brantley – A Girl and Her Kindle

* * *


His surprise grew as a fourth voice joined the conversation. A human voice – it was Blissett. Barin strained to hear the conversation. It sounded like Blissett was pleading with them. The sound of another struggle ensued followed by a thunderous roar of fire. The door started to smoke and glow as flames battered the other side.

Barin stood clear just as the door disintegrated and two Fire Demons rocketed past him back up the tunnel, sending him spinning.

Barin steadied himself and turned to see Blissett standing in the smoking doorway. Behind him, an ugly fire demon lay on the floor, seriously injured.

“Barin!” cried Blissett, “Go! It’s a trap!”

* * *

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