Long Gone (The Long Gone Series Book 1)

| January 15, 2016


Long Gone (The Long Gone Series Book 1)

Ten years ago Jason Long disappeared. I tried to forget about him, but ten-year high school reunions aren’t conducive to leaving the past behind. Now he’s back, along with all the unanswered questions he left in his wake.

He was the new kid in school, the gorgeous, troubled boy that all the girls wanted, but he wanted me. We were irresistibly drawn together despite the best efforts of my parents to keep us apart. He taught me what love was and introduced me to the passion that lay dormant inside me. And then, one night, a few weeks before the end of school, he and his dysfunctional family disappeared. No one ever found out where they went or why.

And now he’s back. Where has he been all these years and why did he leave? Is he the same person I fell in love with all those years ago, and if he is, will he accept the scars that I’ve collected in that time?

Please note that this is not a standalone novel, and is meant to be read as the first book in a three-part series.


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