How Cleaning Up & Clearing Out Makes Us Happy – A Motivation Kick for Order in the Spirit and at Home

| January 16, 2016


How Cleaning Up & Clearing Out Makes Us Happy - A Motivation Kick for Order in the Spirit and at Home

About the book

What is your dirty little secret and where are you hiding it? In the basement, in the attic, in the cupboard or perhaps under your bed? What exactly is it that you are concealing from everybody and that you will under no circumstances reveal? Are there piles of loose papers on your desk? Old and useless things in your shed? Boxes with forgotten knick-knacks in the basement? Do you have a totally crammed closet?? What about your drawers, nightstand, or coffee table?

If you hold this little guide in your hands then I know that there is a corner in your apartment, which you are not readily showing to guests – perhaps even a whole room. You would put a “Do not enter” sign on the door and install an automatic release device onto the door handle so that the whole room blows itself into smithereens instead of exposing yourself to its embarrassment.

Jumble and junk are stressful. Both not only create an unpleasant and uncomfortable living environment, they also embody an anchor keeping us stuck in the past. Useless stuff is simply being kept, stored somewhere and later on forgotten or skillfully ignored. Do you often say to yourself: “Perhaps I can use that again sometime in the future”? It’s just an excuse. If you are honest to yourself, you are never going to use, wear or look at all these things again.

This little guide is full of little tips and tricks that help you to finally get rid of all that chaos and junk in your life.

Table of contents “How cleaning up & clearing out makes us happy”

1. Introduction

2. Release Yourself from Junk and Chaos

2.1 What is actually meant by “junk”?

2.2 Why is clearing out so relieving?

2.3 Moving house – a great chance for a new start

3. Typical Excuses

3.1 You might need that again sometime

3.2 That will be in vogue again

3.3 It is too good to chuck out

3.4 The genius masters the chaos

4. Clearing Out for Beginners

4.1 The five-card rule

4.2 Making commitments and keeping them

4.3 Every little action helps

4.4 Settle it straight away

4.5 What goes where?

4.6 What has fulfilled its purpose will be chucked out

4.7 Separating properly

4.8 Never go in vain

4.9 The secret weapon

5. The “W-questions”

5.1 Why do I own it?

5.2 Would I buy it again today?

5.3 Will I ever be using it again?

5.4 What do I (still) want to do with it?

5.5 What happens if I throw it away?

5.6 When did I wear/look at/use it the last time?

6. Clearing Out Emotionally

6.1 After the loss of a beloved human

6.2 The big love has vanished, the memories remain

6.3 Reminders/ Souvenirs

6.4 Memory box – makeshift for the very sentimental ones

7. Clearing Out Digitally

7.1 Your computer could really lose some weight

7.2 Digital photography – blessing and drag at the same time

7.3 Cleaning up social networks

8. How you can keep your home tidy with simple tricks

8.1 The kitchen

8.2 The living room

8.3 The bathroom

8.4 The bedroom

8.5 The children’s room

8.6 The home office

8.7 Basement, attic, and garage

9. Closing Words

7. Appendices

From the series “Madame Missou COMPACT – 45 minutes condensed experience”

Book length: About 45 minutes of reading time, 41 pages, 60.000 characters, 11.000 words


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